These Treasures From Attics Have Changed People’s Lives!

The popularity of TV series such as “Storage Wars” and “Pawn Stars” made people to become more interested in searching treasures in neglected areas of their houses. They probably will not find anything valuable, besides some old TVs or raccoons.

However, it is still worth to search for treasures. These people below found some really crazy objects on their attics. Some of them were really precious, others – terrible. So take a torch and go upstairs!

1. Hitler CDs Collection

Alexandra Besymenskaja was looking for badminton rackets in the basement of her father, when he came across a stack of paperwork labelled “Führer Headquarters”. It is the name of Adolf Hitler’s headquarters. Apparently Besymenskaya father was the captain of the Russian military intelligence unit and he had a musical souvenir of the Reich Chancellery.


2.Cash, money

Josh Ferrin moved to Bountiful, Utah. When he began to watch the purchased house, he quickly found a secret hiding place in the ceiling of the attic. Apparently, this applied to ammunition and bills from the Second World War. The total cash amounted to $ 45,000. Ferrin, to be an example for his children, returned the money to the owners.


3.A long-forgotten work of Vincent Van Gogh

About a hundred years after the tragic death of the artist, in 1991, some Norwegian found on his attic a new painting “Sunset at Montmajour”. At first, it seemed that the image is false, because it was unsigned, but using X-ray technology, technicians were able to confirm the authenticity of the work of Van Gogh.