These twins were separated at birth. When they were finally reunited, something beautiful happened

Siblings may be very close, but nothing is as strong as the bond between twins. Parents repeatedly noticed that twins have their own language, can feel the same emotions even a distance away from each other, have similar preferences and like the same things. It can be noticed as soon as the children start to grow.

Tommy Buchmeyer and Brandy Guttler became the proud parents of two boys. Hawk and Mason were born prematurely. They were separated and taken to the ICU. Mason turned out to be healthy, but had to stay in the incubator. Unfortunately Hawk had a rare hernia, which prevented the development of his lungs. He had to undergo surgery.


A few weeks later, the infant was supposed to have surgery. He was restless the whole day, just like his brother, who was in an incubator next to him. Then a nurse decided to place the boys together.

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