They abandoned this baby because I was born with a rare skin disease. There is no excuse for their cold heartedness!

Could anything be more heartbreaking than the stories of children who are abandoned by their parents due to their poor physical condition? Children cannot choose their parents themselves or decide about their appearance. But – what is hard to believe – there are heartless people in this world, those who easily give up their children for nothing…

When the 25-year old Mamata Dode was 7 months pregnant, she gave birth to a premature baby girl. It turned out that the little one is suffering from a rare skin disease. The woman refused to feed the girl and visit her in the hospital. The girl weighed just 800 grams (1.7 lb) and her life was in danger.

Fortunately, the grandfather of LeeLoo, Dilip Dode, decided to take care of her despite her serious condition

Mr. Dode said that his daughter was expecting a healthy baby, like their older daughter, Payal, who recently turned three.

The entire pregnancy proceeded smoothly, and the results of prenatal tests were exemplary. However, parents were horrified when a tiny, wrinkled creature came into this world. The information about the condition of the baby spread quickly among the couple’s friends. Their relatives and neighbors came to visit to see the child. Some discreetly went out as soon as they saw the girl, others feared to take her in their arms, fearing that they could catch the some disease. The mother, very embarrassed to have given birth to such an ugly newborn, decided to abandon it. The father, the 25-year-old Ajaj Dode, also refused to accept the new family member.

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