They abandoned this baby because I was born with a rare skin disease. There is no excuse for their cold heartedness!

Fortunately, the girl’s grandfather knew that how she looks like is not her fault. He took care of the small creature. He fed her for two weeks with goat’s milk, administering it with a spoon.

Finally, the man decided to carry the child to a hospital in Mumbai, some 138 km away from their village. He is grateful that the hospital took the girl in and provided her with free medical care.

Mr. Dode knows that the child is not to blame for how it looks like, and he wants his granddaughter to live a normal life. As the parents chose not to take care of the tiny one, he plans to take her in to his house.

It’s not her fault that she was born “different”. I will not leave her just because she’s sick.


It is anticipated that the cost of treating the girl is about 500,000 rupees, or $ 7,000. Wadia Hospital has agreed to cover the cost of treatment as well as to arrange accommodation for Dode.

Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala, director of the facility, says that the child was severely dehydrated upon arrival at the hospital. Any delay could be fatal. Today, the girl responds positively to treatment and rehabilitation. The exact causes of the child’s disease have not yet been found. Perhaps it results from disturbances of intrauterine growth or from chromosomal abnormalities.

It is anticipated that the child’s stay in the hospital may last a long time.