They added a few drops of snake venom to a dish with human blood. I got the chills, when I saw how the experiment turned out!

Not too long ago, an experiment was conducted using human blood and the venom of the chain viper. This snake is extremely dangerous. It lives in southeast Asia.

Just a few drops of venom are enough to kill an adult human. Experts say, that the toxins in the snake’s secretions are more dangerous than the venom of a cobra or rattlesnake. The viper injects around 70 mg of venom. This is a mortal dose for most people. Victims start to sweat and intensely bleed, and if an antitoxin is given quick enough, they die almost suddenly in terrible anguish.


The video on the next page shows how to extract venom from the deadly snakes, but that’s not the most interesting part. Later, in a different part of the video, we can see what happens, when you add a few drops of venom to a blood sample.