They Did Something Shocking To Make Their Daughter Feel Better! Their Attitude Is Admirable

The daughter of this couple was born with a red birthmark on the right leg. Her parents were extremely sad that Honey-Rae will be marked for the end of her life.

While walking with a child, they noticed hostile glances of people who could not hide the interest of the scar.


The parents have planned making tattoos for a long time. But they couldn’t decide which pattern to choose. Now they know how it should look like! They decided to copy their daughter’s scars! The girl’s mum – Tanya Phillips made herself a tattoo to celebrate her 40th birthday, and the father made the same tattoo on Christmas.


They wanted to show the girl that she is the same as others and she doesn’t have to feel worse. At the same time they showed their great love. They admitted in an interview that it was very painful to make such a big tattoo but they don’t regret their decision. Let’s have a big hand for parents’ courage!

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