They found something really disgusting on the beach, but it may be because of the rich. Do you know what it is?

Gary and Angela Williams of Overton (United Kingdom) decided to visit a deserted part of a beach in Lancashire. During the walk they detected a sharp and unpleasant smell of decaying fish.

They realized that it’s coming from quite a mysterious source.

They saw a great creamy boulder that looked nothing like a dead animal. It was quite hard and had the texture of candle wax. It stuck to your fingers when it was touched – says Angela.


Despite the awful stench and unpleasant appearance, they wrapped the discovery in a scarf and took it home. They knew that it is very valuable. This sperm whale vomit is called ambergris. The largest manufacturers of perfumes for years use this ingredient. Its big advantage is that it can hold a smell for a long time. It is extremely difficult to get ambergris therefore it’s been called “drifting gold”.