They gave out 100 cameras to the homeless, the results of the campaign are wonderful!

This year in June, Cafe Art, with its headquarters located in England, organized a campaign, where they gave out 100 cameras to the homeless. The campaign had two goals. The first was to let the homeless express themselves through art, and show the world how they see it. The second was to rediscover London in a new way. The city, where a lot of people live from many different cultural backgrounds, got a new opportunity to have its secrets revealed by people who are usually ignored by the majority.

The cameras the homeless received allowed them to speak out and create plentifully beautiful shots of London, that even professional photographers would be proud of.

Of 100 disposable cameras, which were handed out, 80 came back, and there were 2500 pictures on them! 20 of the best photos were selected by a jury, and will be used in a 2016 calendar.


The profits from camera sales will be set aside for materials for the homeless, who still want to create art. Thanks to this, they will be able to pull themselves up and out of homelessness.

The photo below was taken by ROL, and will be on the calendar’s cover.


Not everyone wanted to reveal their identity, this picture was taken by XO
“Telephone Row, Linciln Inn”


A atmospheric, minimalistic photograph taken by Ellen Rostant.
“Left Boot, East London”