They kidnapped this puppy, pumped him full of drugs, and broke his legs. They left him in this state for certain death!

I love animals and can’t imagine how you can do any harm to them. Almost every day I hear about cruel cases of mistreating animals. I don’t understand why people are able to give them so much pain, they are after all living creatures that feel the same way we do.

Four teenagers stole a tiny puppy named Chunky. They decided to have a little “fun” with him and began cruelly torturing him. First, they stuffed him with drugs, and then they broke two of his legs and neck. They burned his face with a flamethrower and left him for dead.

Fortunately, the mangled dog was found the next morning. The teenage torturers stood before the Youth Court in Folkstone. One was 15, the other 16 years old.


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