On television, they were flooded with tears, asking for help in search of their daughter. But time showed that they were the torturers and their motivation was fanaticism

There are things that are hard to understand, especially when they involve other cultures.

The cultural circle and the values ​​we infuse in our children are very important to us. They are the foundations for us, although there are times when people rebel against certain norms, yet we still recognize most laws as superior. In the circle of European culture, which is Christian, not only the rites of other religions may be incomprehensible to us, but also laws that must be strictly observed.

Parents instill in us the principles of faith in which they bring us up. They show what is important and valuable for you to abide by in your life. However, it must be admitted that it is not uncommon for average, mediocre parents to renounce a child because he is behind the church instead of going to mass. Most parents respect the views of their children or believe that this is a temporary rebellion that will pass with age.

It is different in orthodox families, where there is no room for their own feelings and their own observations. The laws of religion are supreme and this is true in all very religious families, not to say fanatic either Christian, Jewish or Muslim. Unfortunately, often blinded by their beliefs, parents prefer to disinherit the child, to punish and torment, in the name of a higher good than to let him live like that.

This was the case with the Ahmed family of Warrington. You will find out the whole family’s history on the next page.