She heard how the young boys laughed at her sick daughter. However, she collapsed as the boys’ mothers joined them

Childhood is a nightmare for any parent who realizes that a baby with a different appearance can make him or her unacceptable.

Parents should educate their children so that they have open minds, so they understand that they are very fortunate that they were born healthy. Not all children are happy and deformities and shortages that are visible subject them to mockery and lack of acceptance from other children. But, to a large extent, adults and their reactions to such behavior are responsible for whether the child understands that what he is doing is wrong.

Unfortunately, we see more and more often that parents think that education is about the bar of limitations and acceptance of the child as it is. And children can be cruel and the duty of the parent is to show what is good and what is bad and unacceptable. The fact that not all mothers are able to raise a child realized Bethan Germont, who has often encountered situations where children fear or ridicule her sick daughter Lydia. But the last situation completely broke her.

Lydia was born with a serious genetic defect that left her head distorted. The girl’s mother had once encountered situations where people looked at the little one and commented on her appearance. Well, if she had the opportunity, she would naturally want her child to be healthy. But that is not the case, and Bethan is not going to be ashamed of her daughter and hide her from the world.

However, the situation that she encountered during a shopping trip made the woman decide to write about it in the media.