They left their child in the care of a 22-year-old babysitter. When their dog began to growl at her, they decided to check how she was taking care of their baby

It would be perfect if parents were able to take care of their children all the time, but reality isn’t that bright. To support the family, both parents have to go to work, and they usually leave their child with a babysitter or person from the family.

The Jordan family of South Carolina recently stood before a similar problem. The couple had to leave their 7-month-old son Finn with a woman they didn’t know. When they hired 22-year-old Alexis, she seemed like a pleasant and responsible person. Soon after, the truth about her cruel character came out.


At first, everything was fine. The Jordan’s were pleased with how the woman was doing. About five months later, they noticed that their Labrador, Killian, is acting strange.

We noticed that the dog became aggressive when Alexis came anywhere near Finn. He growled very often and stood his ground between her and the child. The fur on his back bristled with anger. That’s when we began to suspect that something was wrong – said the father, Benjamin.


The couple knew their dog very well and understood that they have to take a closer look at their babysitter. They hid an iPhone that was recording under the couch. When they listened to the recording after coming back from work, they were in shock.

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