They recognized her as the ugliest woman in the world and offered her a job in the circus. Did she actually deserve such a fate?

What is considered beautiful or ugly varies depending on the particular society or culture. Today, we live in an era in which tolerance is very important and were we are trying to accept the other people. Sick and disabled people are not marginalized, but they can enjoy life like everybody else. Sometimes they become inspiration for healthy people.

Their struggle with various diseases shows us strength and motivates us to act. Decades ago, the lives of people with defects looked completely different. They were considered as inferior and often ridiculed for their disability or treated as outcasts.


Mary Ann Webster was born on December 20th, 1874 in Plaistow (London). She was one of eight children in a family of lawyers. She worked as a nurse at the age of 29, and married a flower reseller, Thomas Bevan. At the age of 32, Mary Ann’s appearance began to change.


She only had headaches and muscle pain initially, but later on, her body suffered terrible deformations. It started to strongly distort due to the rapid tissue growth. The woman, suffering from gigantism, quickly reached colossal proportions. She was ridiculed for this reason, and avoided contact with people.

It is not the end. You will learn more about Mary Ann from the following pages.