They Rescued The Pet When It Was Sinking In The Mud. Then, They Wash It … See, What did They Pull Out Of Trouble!

It was an ordinary day at the construction site near London’s Canary Wharf. Workers left several trenches opened, so when they heard screams, they knew where to look for.

When they looked into one of the deep holes, they noticed the struggling and drowning animal inside. About the story of this charming toddler that was in real trouble you can read on the following pages.

The men didn’t know what they had saved, but they immediately took care of the animal. They took him to the hospital for wild animals South Essex Wildlife.


One of the nurses washed and feed the animal. On account of the place where he was found, the animal was named “Muddsey”. Here people haven’t known yet what kind of animal it was, but the truth is closer and closer.


It turned out that Muddsey is a cute little fox. I’m really glad that he was rescued in the right time.

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