They risked their lives to help the whale. See, how it thanked them!

Human activity has a very large impact on the environment, often destructive and pernicious. A certain whale experienced that itself when it was caught in fishing nets and almost lost its life. Fortunately for the mammal, Michael Fishbach and his friends were nearby.

On Valentine’s Day 2011 they passed by a whale that seemed dead. When it gave signs of life, Michael decided to swim to the animal and see what’s going on.


It turned out that the humpback was tangled in the nets. As it couldn’t move its flippers, it was a certain death. The crew didn’t hesitate even for a moment and rushed to help. It turned out that they had only a small knife, but they put all their effort to set the whale free. The animal was frightened and Michael with the crew realized that this great mammal could kill them at any time. However, the animal very patiently bore the human contact, probably seeing it as salvation. After an hour of fighting, which seemed much longer, they managed to free the mammal.


The animal drifted away for a while only to come back and give a great show of its abilities. You have to see it, pure happiness and the joy of regained freedom.walen3


Watch the video telling the whole story: