They set fire to a bull’s horns and called it a “sport.” The Barbarians of the Spanish Arena are not ashamed!

People feel strong when they have control over others.

Controlling their environment increases their self-esteem, making them feel almost divine power. The one thing that is enough is that they can decide the fate of their employees or how they govern their family. Others need more, and the authorities go after the dead. Crimes and cruelties committed to hurt people and animals are often under the guise of traditions and rituals.

The effect of sick people’s ambition of the so-called God’s complex was “holy”, which has been cultivated for many years in our culture. In ancient times, gladiators were killed for their cause, who fought to death and lived in the arena to provide the emperors with entertainment. In the Middle Ages and later (for the same reasons), they burned on the pile of “witches” and publicly performed bloody executions.

Human death for years has been the entertainment for crowds. To admire death in stadiums, town centers and squares, the whole family gathered. However, over the centuries, people have come to the conclusion that they cannot “go out” with impunity for pure entertainment. So, they started to bully animals. Particularly willingly they persecuted strong and mighty animals, because only the victory over them could give them the satisfaction they deserve. As a result of this abuse, various sick rituals exist, with Toro Jubilo at its head.

Toro Jubilo is the name of the holiday celebrated every second weekend of November in the Spanish town of Medinaceli in the province of Soria. On this occasion, in the middle of the night in the center of town, men gather and place huge and strong bulls in Toro de Fuego (fireballs).

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