They started to glue small coins to the floor… what they got in the end was surprising!

Most of us carry around some spare change. Sometimes we don’t feel like carrying it around with us and we put our loose change into a piggy bank. Over a few years, quite an impressive sum can accumulate. How can we use our loose change?

You can carefully count it and exchange it at the store or use it for something else. Just like this couple!


They wanted to change something in their apartment, but they didn’t want to use a ready-made solution. They dreamed of an original floor that would amaze everyone.


The originators wife worked in a tile store, so she didn’t even want to hear about a traditional solution. She came up with a great idea, which their daughter also liked.

They went to the bank a few times to change cash to coins of the smallest value. After that, they grabbed some glue and started fixing the coins to the floor. They used around 20 000 coins!



  1. Unca
  2. Sean
  3. Peter Jennings