They taped its muzzle with tape and let it run on the street. No one really knows how long it had to endure this torture!

People who abuse animals are insensitive and lack any feelings. In order to cause innocent creatures pain they think of all kinds of different methods : starting with beating and starving, ending up with feeding them with meat full of needles and razors.

One thing is for sure : whoever is cruel to animals cannot be a good person! Can you imagine that a person who tortures a dog or cat can be an exemplary father or mother? It’s rather impossible!


People taking care of animal rights found something very worrying on the streets of Vietnam. A debilitated dog was walking down the street with tape firmly rapped around its muzzle. It is not known how long the dog had walked around like that before anyone noticed anything. It must’ve been a couple of days because the dog was extremely pinched and the tape had practically ‘grown into’ his skin.


The dog was taken to a vet, where the tape was taken off with the aid of scissors. The pain must have been horrendous but there was no other way to do it.

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