They took scissors, men’s underwear and a few cuts… What they made many women will find handy!

Before tossing old male slip underwear, that until now have been waiting for a better day at the bottom of the dresser, first watch the video below. Because you can turn them into something functional using only a pair of scissors, also without the need of using a needle, thread, or sewing machine. Do you want to know what’s it all about?

The answer will definitely surprise you! What’s interesting, this design is all the rage all over the world and it’s really practical. You can use it, among other things, for yoga or other simple exercise.



It’s also worth noting that you don’t only need male underwear. You can also simply use the bottom of your own female bikini, in your favourite colour or pattern, which you really like a lot. But talk is cheap. Time to see what all the fuss is about. :).


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