They wanted to make their nails look similar to a picture. You will fall with laughter when you see what they actually did!

Hands and nails are a showcase of every human being. Well then they should always be well-kept and manicured. Dirt under fingernails, a chewed or unwashed nail or polish does not show the best of the owner, so you should look after them as often as possible and take care of them in order for them to be presented aesthetically.

In the web, from time to time, there are new ideas for original beautifications. The effects are quite spectacular! Inspired by the beautiful patterns, they start experimenting at home. The results can turn out different. For some, they turn out very well, others have it a little worse. Today, we take a closer look at the latter group and present some better and worse fails, which were done on nails! You can have a nice laugh!

1. A lovely rainbow pattern and its faithful copy :).


2. Brushed with flecks of gold.


3. Even the popular herringbone pattern can be very easily messed up.


4. Decorating in French style. It is true that the Eiffel Tower is a little curvy, but otherwise it’s just fine!