They were alone in an elevator. Suddenly, he approached her from behind and began touching her. Her reaction says it all!

In places where it’s very crowded and people are packed like sardines in a can, unpleasant situations can take place. The proximity and the fact that it’s a public place encourage men with certain tendencies to take bold steps. Sometimes, they start groping women or rubbing against them disgustingly. Such incidents often take place in public transportation, long lines, elevators or at concerts.

Of course it’s unpleasant and uncomfortable for only one of the parties – the woman who’s a victim and doesn’t know what to do in a situation like this.
At the beginning, she’s shocked that something like this had happened, and then she begins to think what course of action to take to get rid of the guy.


When his restless hands wander too far, that’s the end of it and the women begin to scream or take bolder steps, just like the lady in the following video. She knew that she couldn’t count on anyone, and the man didn’t want to stop. She responded the right way. She gave him a chance to change his attitude, but he wouldn’t stop. It didn’t end all that well for him.

Ladies, do not wait for help from others, because it could never come! Take action yourself!