They were married for over 60 years. They left the same day, only minutes apart…

Whether we like it or not, love is one of the major forces that govern our world. It inspires, merges and unifies, gives life energy and helps you to overcome problems and difficulties.

And it was love that, 63 years ago, joined Henry and Jeanette De Lange from South Dakota. However, their story has one more remarkable moment, testifying to the fact that love can be truly unfathomable and of incredible strength.


Henry was a veteran of the Korean War, and Jeanette dealt with music. Over 63 years, they formed a consistent, happy marriage, always supporting and being next to their spouse. Sorry, Jeanette suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and at some point she had to live in a nursing home, because she needed care with which Henry himself was not able to cope. However, the man visited her every day. He could not live without his beloved a single day, and – as the son of the pair, Lee, reports – his attitude was really moving.

Unfortunately, during the medical examination, it turned out that the 86-year-old Henry is terminally ill – he had prostate cancer. His health deteriorated so much that he also began to require full time care. So the man went to the nursing home where his wife was staying.

The spouses lived in one room and once again were able to enjoy their closeness.

One day the doctors phoned their children to say that their mother is dying. About 5.10am, Jeanette passed away peacefully in her sleep. Keith, one of the couple’s sons, went up to his father and said:

Dad, mom went to heaven. You do not have to fight anymore – if you want, you can go for it…

When he heard those words, Henry closed his eyes and left a few minutes after his beloved wife.

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