They were visiting an old mine, and since they’ve seen this picture, they know that they will never come back!

There are places more or less scary on earth. Abandoned hospitals,  ghost cities or houses in the middle of nowhere are places where not many people go. There’s no reason to fatigue your heart with constant fear. Yet you always find someone who is drawn to such places. Someone who can’t sit easy until they don’t check what’s behind that mountain, what’s left over in war bunkers and where the underground mine ends. Someone, who needs to check for themselves rumors of ghosts in abandoned houses and weird sounds coming from grandma’s attic.

The boy disguising himself under the pseudonym Ecocide decided while on vacation to visit an abandoned mine with his friends. When preparing to go in, they took a few pictures… When they looked at them later, they were really shocked!

The first photos are rather ordinary. There’s nothing special, just rocks and a black hole.


However, once they’ve started getting closer to the mine’s entrance, it was starting to get stranger.


Do you also see it! Something’s there in the darkness!


When they were looking through the photos, they’ve noticed a figure hiding in the darkness. Could a lost miner really still be there?


Maybe it’s just a reflection of light … or maybe not…