They’ve conceived 13 sons waiting for a much-welcome daughter. They don’t give up and keep trying. Will they get their lucky break at last?

Irineu Cruz and Jucicleide Silve live in the Brasilian city of Conceicao do Coite. They live modestly, but joyfully. They can boast of a big family. They already have 13 sons are still awaiting a much longed-for daughter. They have called their children after famous football players from Latin America, their names beginning with the letter R.

The 18-year old Robson, 17-year-old Reynan, 15-year-old Rauan, 14-year old Rubens, 13-year-old Rivaldo, 12-year-old Rauna, 10-year-old Ramon, 9-year old Rinkon, 9-year old Rikelme, 5-year old Ramirez, 3-year-old Rylson, 2-year -old Rafael and 1-month-old Ronaldo are all loving brothers who dream of having a sister.


Their parents also can’t wait any longer and are still trying to have another kid. They all hope it will be a girl. They are said to have already chosen the name . Anyways, they have already run out of ideas for a name for a boy!


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