This 15-year-old Chinese girl wanted to look like a living doll. With some drastic plastic surgery, she managed to do it

People do really stupid things out of love, i.e. a very young Chinese woman decided to undergo a series of plastic surgeries to please a man, with whom she had broken up. The effect? Judge for yourself. 

Lee Hee Danae comes from Henan province in central China. After parting with her boyfriend, the 15-year-old came to a conclusion that if she will improve her appearance, her beloved will surely come back to her. Therefore, she decided to undergo a series of plastic surgeries, which completely changed her appearance and facial features. As it turned out, it wasn’t a good method to get her ex-boyfriend back, since he didn’t return, but instead, Lee Hee became an internet sensation because she now resembles a living doll.


Plastic surgery among Chinese women is increasingly fashionable. Women are attempting to get a more European look with the help of a scalpel. Often, because of the costs, they decide to have the surgery performed in South Korea, and oftentimes for their trip back home, they must receive additional documents proving their identity from the hospital, because their face no longer resembles the person in their passport photo. You can’t believe that the changes can be so drastic? Lee Hee’s story and photos may convince you otherwise.

Lee Hee was a pretty girl, but she decided to change her appearance to get her ex-boyfriend back.

She underwent serious surgery, during which the shape of her eyes and chin was changed as well as her breasts enlarged.

Lee Hee began to write about her metamorphosis on the internet, which made her a social media star.

How are internet users commenting her appearance? You’ll find out on the next page. 



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