This 16-year-old wanted to charge her Smartphone during a visit to the hospital and … disconnected her grandfather from the ventilator!

Electronics so much govern the lives of modern teenagers that some of them completely lose touch with reality.

Having a mobile phone is a standard today, and adults are complaining that young people do not see the world outside of their SmartPhones and completely surrender to virtual reality. Unfortunately, this can have fatal consequences.


How an electronics and internet addiction can blind a young person is illustrated by the example of 16-year-old Ally Louia, whose stupidity and irresponsibility surpassed all possible scales. She recently visited her grandfather’s lung cancer hospital and found that her smartphone’s battery level was 1% during her visit. Without much thinking, so she found an outlet and pulled out the plug to connect her phone.

My phone was at 1% level, which can be described as a critical situation. Besides, my mom asked me to send her an SMS, when I arrived at my grandfather’s, so I had to do it.

She defended herself after everything, Ally.


Not only did the teenager write text messages to her mother, but she also decided to take a picture of her sick grandfather and upload it to Instagram! As she claims, she did it to show everyone that he was okay, and about how the old man had become grey because of the lack of oxygen, she thought his strange skin was a filter from Instagram!

The impudent Ally had yet another claim to her followers on the portal: that no one warned her of the danger of her grandfather.

Have you survived the extremely irresponsible behavior of your granddaughter? You will find the answer on the second page.