This 300 year old house looks like a wreck from the outside. Only if you come inside, you’ll see a stunning view! WOW!

The house in the pictures below was built in 1668 in Cornwall. The building has a rich history and tradition, and most importantly, people still live there. Although it’s 300 years old and looks very unattractive from the outside, its interior holds a certain surprise.

When you cross the threshold, you will be greeted by an amazing view. The house is decorated quite masterfully. It has a warm and cozy interior, giving it a sense of harmony and peace. Its facade, which honestly doesn’t look too good, but just as you do not judge a book by its cover, it’s also impossible to evaluate the building only from the external appearance.


This is a typical English cottage built in the old days of Cornwall. It has tiny windows, thick walls and a low ceiling.


The interior turns out to be more modern. Designers have decided to combine innovative solutions with a rustic style.