This 8-year old is turning into stone! Pain and fear are preventing him from a normal life

Each of us appreciates good health, and parents are thankful when their baby is born healthy, but many kids do not have such luck and suffer from birth.

Genetic diseases are scary, because they often cannot be countered. The treatment of diseases which occur very rarely, is impossible for many. The cost of these treatments, along with the shortage of medicines are major adversities. The diseases that affect people in different regions of the world are sometimes so strange that it seems impossible to us.

Eight-year Mehendi Hassan suffers from a terrible disease, one where every day he turns more and more into stone. Other children do not want to play with him, because they’re scared. Also, normal, everyday life gives him pain every time he’s touched. His community is not accepting, he lives in a poor neighborhood, and his parents can not afford treatment. His face looks normal, but the rest of his body is being taken over by the disease from day to day.

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