This adopted dog completely changed this man’s life! Get to know this story, and the smile won’t leave your face today! :)

The friendship between man and dog is one of the most amazing relationship under the sun. It can change the life of both parties and bring many truly great emotions.

Of course there are some moments when a puppy will throws us off balance, but usually there’s much more happy time.

The video below tells the extraordinary story of a man and a puppy that will put a smile on your face since the first seconds. The adopted dog completely changed the life of a man who, since their first meeting, has been trying to look at the world through the eyes of his new friend.


Of course there are some ups and downs, the man had to learn how to take care of the puppy, which was a mystery for him. But actually he’s doing quite well now.


Well from time to time the dog plays some tricks on the owner – but which dog doesn’t do that?



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