This Asian girl has a body, which every man can envy

When we think about Asian women, usually we imagine shorter ladies, with fine and slim body shapes, pale skin and subtle movements. It’s a stereotypical image, which oftentimes has nothing to do with reality.

Bodybuilding fascinates more and more people each year who ultimately want to professionally deal with sculpting their body and present it at competitions. Among them is also a large group of women whose musculature isn’t worse than the men’s in any way. Korean Yeon Who Jhi also belongs to this group of bodybuilders and her photos are very popular on the internet, because of the huge contrast between her athletic body and innocent-face.


Women bodybuilding is already quite popular in Europe and North America, but in Asia, muscular women are rare. In the Far East, delicate beauty is preferred, because Asian girls aren’t willing to experiment with growing their muscles. However, the number of bodybuilders in Asia is increasing from year to year, among others, due to the popularity which Yeon Who Jhi has gained. Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself, whether this woman is attractive or not. Yeon

Who Jhi has a typical Asian beauty, so her face has very delicate features on it.

At first glance, the girl doesn’t seem much different than other Korean women, but…

… when she takes her jacket off, her impressive physique immediately catches the eye.

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