This baby has just entered the world. It’s so sweet that I can’t stop looking at it!

When talking about sweet animals, we surely first imagine puppies and kittens… and forget about all the other lovely little creatures that also walk this Earth.

It is possible that you’ve never seen them… Well – it’s time to catch up.


This baby hippo was born in London’s ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

It’s so cute that it’s hard not to smile looking at him. When he grows up, like most likely as other representatives of his species, he’ll be ranked amongst the most dangerous animals in the world, but for now we can easily admire his beauty :).

The young one still has no name. His mother, Flora, struggled with cancer for a few months in August – a huge tumour had appeared in her mouth. Fortunately, her pregnancy proceeded without major problems and she gave birth to a small male hippopotamus.

This is Flora’s third offspring. The mother – despite her health problems – is like a true professional. There are only about 3000 hippos remaining in the world today and males are very rare among them, so the birth of this child is a real celebration!