This baby was born much too soon. Doctors decided to put it in a plastic bag. It’s unbelievable what happened next!

The 37 year old Sharon Grant was in her twentieth week of pregnancy when she found out that her child stopped growing. It turned out that a Caesarean section had to be done as soon as possible.

On May 12th at three in the afternoon, the tiny Pixie was born. She weighted just barely half a kilogram and was in a very bad condition. The doctors informed Sharon, that her daughter only had an hour of life left. They brought her to the intensive care unit for newborns and hooked her up to equipment. The tiny body was put into a plastic bag, which guaranteed isolation and the right temperature.

The mom couldn’t hug her small daughter for a few days. It was too risky. Finally, a light in the tunnel has had appeared. Pixie started to gain weight and was becoming stronger. She spend 5 months in the hospital until she was able to check out and go home. Today she is a healthy and happy child. Who would’ve thought that a plastic bag would cause her to get healthy.


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