This blind grandmother foretold the future of the world. So far, everything she had said has come true. But the worst is yet to come!

If you could predict the future, would you try to change the fate of the world or would you let the world continue traversing its own course? Many of us want to look into the future, to see what will happen. When we’ll meet the love of our life and what our fate will be.

That’s why we consult psychics and fortune tellers. But does it all make sense. You can believe it or not, but as it turns out, there are predictors who can say exactly what will happen in the future, and their predictions come true. It is an unsettling matter, based on faith and extrasensory experiences. Apparently, such a skill was possessed by Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian mystic, who predicted many historical events that came true!


Baba Vanga was born at the beginning of the previous century. She wasn’t blind at birth. Supposedly, when she was a young child, wind blew sand into her eyes and this is how she was blinded. When her mother died, the girl’s father gave her away to the center for the blind. There she began to predict the future of her friends. Although 20 years have passed since her death, her predictions still arouse great interest.


Baba Vanga predicted many events that have had an impact on the history of the world. She foretold the September 11th attack on the WTC, saying that “a steel bird will fall on the Americans and innocent blood will gush.” She also predicted the Kursk disaster, providing the name of the ship before it was even built. She predicted a tsunami in Thailand, World War II, Stalin’s death and the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Her predictions of the future can be disturbing. Baba Vanga announced that there will be a third world war that will change the order in Europe. She foresaw a great emigration and the fall of Christian Rome in the year 2066. She also claimed that the US will fall apart and that China will become a world economic power.

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