This blind man goes out onto the street every day with a plastic basket. Its contents make people line up to take a look!

Sitting on a Vietnamese street is an elderly man, with a big basket on his knees and closed eyes. His name is Zhang Mingguang, he’s 68 years and he’s blind. The man is well known because he has been coming there for the past 10 years!

Every morning, he gets on the bus with a basket full of bread and gets off at the corner of Nguyen Tri Phuong. The man sells traditional Vietnamese baked goods, which are prepared by his wife. The basket contains 50-60 pieces of bread. He doesn’t receive a lot of money from the sales. Sometimes, he only manages to earn enough money for a return ticket. Nevertheless, the next day he gets up early in the morning, packs the baked goods, and goes back to the same place to sit on the sidewalk and sell bread until the late evening.


The money goes towards his wife’s needs, and is spent specifically on medication for her. The woman has a weak heart and needs treatment.

The man is completely blind and has no way of telling whether people actually pay him the agreed price for a loaf of bread. He says that bread is a symbol of love and trust, which is why no one dares to cheat him.


Every day we walk past people like Zhang, not knowing what they’ve experienced. We should look around and get to know the stories of other people, sometimes difficult and very painful. Perhaps thanks to this, we’ll begin to appreciate what we have. Life is unpredictable and we may lose everything at any moment.