This boy did not leave his brother alone when he lost his strength during a traithlon

When one sees such gestures, it revives their belief in the beauty of the sport and in the power of brotherly love that takes on by the heart. We all know that winning is important and that sometimes years of exercise and sacrifice are needed to get to one’s first victory.

This is especially true in such a demanding discipline as the triathlon. This discipline, also called powerlifting, is very demanding. Various thriatlons have varying distances and in every case, you need to swim, ride a bicycle and run an appropriate distance. It’s very exhausting challenge.

Despite good physical and mental preparation, it is easy to fail to make it to the end. Jonny Brownlee found that out for himself as he swam and rode the bicycle and almost ran the designated distance. However, just before the finish line, he began to wane. Even though he was a few meters from the tape, he saw his strength fading away. His brother ran first and had a chance to win. But when he saw what was happening, his brother quickly ran to his aid and together, they finished the race running at a slower pace. As if that was not enough, Alistair pushed his brother just before the finish line, so that he could finish first.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened to his brother, and after a strengthening drip, he was back in full force.