This boy took a picture at a bluff. Apart from beautiful views, the photo also showed a strange figure…

Human memory is quite elusive, that is why we like taking pictures of things. This can especially be seen during trips, where we don’t only take pictures of the surroundings but also of ourselves to have proof that we actually visited the given place.

A certain boy took a picture of himself at Dundas Peak in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) at a view point. The guy sat on the bank, while his friend took a picture of him, which soon caused quite a wave of emotions.


The young man didn’t realize anything strange about the picture and posted it in the internet. Thanks to that he realized what he had actually managed to capture during his sightseeing trip.

The boy uploaded the picture to a Web page called Redditor which caused the attention of his cousin.
ghost (5)

The girl realized that in the distance there was something that shouldn’t have been there.

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