This boy was bullied because of his long hair. The reason why he grew it is astonishing!

Two years ago Christian McPhilamy from Melbourne, Florida, who is eight years old now, made a decision which initially might seem confusing for many of you, especially in the case of a little boy.

He decided to… grow his hair. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but something in his children’s heart told him that it would be worth it. And it turned out to be absolutely right!

That’s Christian some time ago. His long hair has made him a laughing stock among his classmates. The boy was the object of ridicule and jokes, which, however, didn’t change his decision.


You’re probably wondering why a small child decided to sacrifice so much and despite harassment kept growing his hair? The cause makes one’s eyes water! At age 6, Christian saw a commercial of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He learned that children who live there often lose their hair and need wigs to feel comfortable among other kids. He decided with all his heart to take some action.


Of course his mum agreed to this mature resolution. She was proud of her son who wants to share with others what they really needed.