This child can’t stop laughing during playing. Have a look at this film, which we make your day!

As research and statistics show, children laugh 400 times each day while adults only laugh 15 times a day! Is it true that the older we grow, there are less things that makes us laugh or fascinate us? What’s more, apparently women smile more often! Kids will find any reason to have a good laugh and there happy giggles are so adorable that they make everyone laugh around.

That is exactly what happens on the film below. Not only can the child not resist laughing, but the adults can’t either.


Children are wonderful, we can surround them with expensive, interactive toys, while the most simple object will become their favourite toy. An old eyeless teddy bear without which they just won’t fall asleep. The kid on the recording plays around with a colourful and well-known toy. Putting rings on a pole is probably one of the oldest and simplest toys in history. The teach children to compare sizes and support their motion coordination. It may be a simple game but it gives the child so much fun that it will surely make you laugh.

Make your day and see the little kid in action!