This diet gives incredible results. Thanks to it you can lose up to 18 pounds in a week!

Food is a great pleasure, therefore, people aren’t always able to control their body weight. Sometimes the situation gets out of control, and the amount of extra pounds is not just a matter of aesthetics, but becomes a threat to one’s health. At this point you need to think about a diet that will help get rid of the unnecessary weight and shape your body.

Dieting is a long and complicated process, which is managed quite irresponsibly too often, even though losing excess weight is governed by certain rules that have to be followed, so as not to harm the body and fall into an illness. You cannot put the speed of the effects of weight loss over your own health, so you need to look for diets that do not drain the body. One such method is the GM diet.


The diet of General Motors, GM in short, created by the representatives of the automotive giant for their employees. Currently, the diet is widely known and used by people of all ages, and its implementation allows you to quickly and naturally lose weight from 10 to 20 pounds per week, without additional supplements or dietary pills. The effect of the GM diet will be spectacular, but only under the condition of total observance of the guidelines and prohibitions adopted in treatment.

Many people experience great stress when having to stand on scales.


The diet involves a seven-day dieting plan, which may be used once a month. The GM diet is therefore not a diet designed for continuous use, because too large and rapid weight loss can harm the body, that’s why the GM diet must be used rationally and as recommended by nutritionists. In addition to complying with the diet’s menu for the next few days, you need to use a few general principles:

  • drink plenty of water, up to 12 glasses a day (a minimum of 8)
  • avoid alcohol
  • limit spices, stop using oil and olives
  • exercise moderately, because the GM diet is a reduced calorie diet
  • have the proper mental attitude
  • follow all guidelines and avoid the prohibited products

Each pound and inch loss translates into hard work and resolutions.


On this page and the next you will find the rules that apply on each day of the diet.

Day 1

The first day is very important because there is a change in eating habits, which can be quite a shock to the body. Fortunately, the GM diet will not make you hungry on the first day, which would make your body go crazy, since you can eat whatever you’d like, but only in the fruit category. Watermelons and melons are recommended. Unfortunately, there is one exception, since bananas were on the list of prohibited items. In addition to eating fruits, you should drink plenty of water.


Day 2

After the fruit madness comes time for vegetables. On the second day you can eat only vegetables, in different forms: raw, boiled, baked (it is worth preparing vegetables al dente). In the morning, you can even treat yourself to potatoes, because during the day you’ll be ready to burn the energy received from them. Of course you should drink at least 8 glasses of water this day.