This dog fought for its life while it was a puppy. Now it saves the lives of others!

Little Jake was only three weeks old when he was in mortal danger. He was imprisoned in a shed, which set on fire! Rescued by a local firefighter, Bill Linder, the puppy had 74% of its body burnt! Operations and treatment of the pooch proved to be too costly for the owner of the puppy and they abandoned him. Fortunately, the fireman who rescued the pup found out and adopted him without hesitation.

Surrounded by the love and care of all the firefighters in the unit, the dog quickly got well. He became the official mascot of the local fire brigade. It helps in teaching children who need to be sensitized to the risks of fires. Jake is not only a mascot, but he also has his own badge and will certainly pass a course, so that he could take part in therapies for children.


Bill is the neighbor of the previous owners of the dog. When he saw smoke coming out of the shed, he quickly acted. Despite such a reaction, before Bill took fire-fighting equipment and freed the dog, the puppy was heavily burned.




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