This dog has been coming to the graveyard at the same time for nine years to fall asleep with its owner

A dog named Capitan has been coming to the cemetery every day for nine years to be around the grave of its owner. Its owner, Miguel Guzman, died in 2006, after his death the dog disappeared. The family looked for him for a few days, but for nothing. But after a few days, when they went to the graveyard, they saw the dog laying on Miguel’s grave.

The closest relatives took Capitan home, but he didn’t find peace even there. Every night, he snuck out to the graveyard and fell asleep by the tombstone. His behavior moved the administrator, who decided to let the dog in for a nightly encounter with its deceased owner. They decided not to close the gates until the dog came. After spending the night by its owners side, the dog goes home. He’s been doing this for nine years now…

These moving pictures were posted on Facebook by an organization that helps animals, called “Paw Justice”. Several hundred people liked it within a few minutes. Many wondered at the dog’s behavior, and felt bad for its loss.

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