This Dog Has Done Something Extraordinary To Save His Friend. It’s Unbelievable!

The films that have appeared over the years on TV or in the cinema often presented the dog-heroes, saving a loved one before trouble – barking, calling for help or acting in a very intelligent way.

However, it turns out that such stories also happen in the real world! The heroes are not only large powerful dogs such as Saint Bernards and German shepherds or coli but also … dachshunds.

This was confirmed by Razor, the dog of Tim Chavez. Thanks to the smart dachshund, the second dog Jazzy today is alive and feels well …


When Tim Chavez went out to work that day, he noticed that Razor is barking like crazy, but he did not care too much. In the end, the dachshunds are quite noisy animals by nature. Tim did not know that Jazzy is in danger…


Weighing 180 pounds dog got stuck in an irrigation ditch near the house, and Razor desperately tried to bring help for him. The determined dachshund did not stop barking and he draw attention to himself.


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