This dog was abandoned with the garbage upon a family moving homes. He stayed beside them for over a week, hoping that the owners will come back!

A family of Detroit in the United States changed their residence. Next to the old house, they left unwanted items including a mattress, lampshades and furniture. Among the useless things was also their dog Boo.

The pet lay on the mattress and waited until the owners will return, but that did not happen. He was left all alone.


A neighbor, Mike Diesel, became interested in his fate. Apparently Boo waited for his caretakers for over a week. The man called the abandoned pets organization, which he founded, the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue. It was not easy to get the dog’s trust. Mike spent 11 hours on it and finally succeeded.


A moving picture of the pooch was posted online by Liz Marie with the following words:

This image breaks the heart. I watch it with tears in my eyes. Meet Boo. This beautiful dog was thrown out with the garbage when his owners were moving. Boo did not want to leave the abandoned items. He was lost and lonely […].