This dog was so fat, it couldn’t walk! A metamorphosis it went through saved its life

Obesity is getting more and more common each year. A bad diet mainly consisting of modified and heavy sweetened products as well as lack of activity are the main reasons for this to happen. It’s not only people that have to suffer with excessive kilograms, but also house animals, most often cats and dogs.

Their owners do them a lot of harm by feeding them the wrong way. This was the case of an 8 year old beagle named Kale, which got so fat that his life was in danger.


The obesity Kale had to face resulted in the dog becoming a cripple, because of his restricted possibilities of moving. The dog suffered a lot from the excessive kilograms which burdened his bones and joints. This dog which is the smallest species of hunting dog weighed over 35 kilogram while the normal weight is around 15-18 kilograms.

Beagles are hunting dogs, but Kale surely wasn’t an example.
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The dog’s terrible state wasn’t the fault of his owner or his stupidity but of an illness. The dog’s owner was an older man who at some point started suffering from dementia and totally lost orientation of how to take care of the animal. He most probably fed Kale with inappropriate food and sweets, which almost got the dog killed.

The animal couldn’t move normally not even mentioning running.

How much weight did Kale loose and how does he look now? Find out on the next page.

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