This dogs was about to be eaten as a delicacy in South Korean restaurants. Rescue came in the nick of time

Culinary traditions around the world are very numerous, so some of them may be shocking. Most of the world’s population do not understand an Asian’s palate for dog meat, which you can try in many places in South Korea. Still, eating dogs isn’t the worst thing, but the conditions of breeding dogs intended for slaughter is.

Every animal, even those brought up only for the purpose of eating it later, deserves decent conditions of living, which means appropriate space, access to fresh water, food and vet care. Unfortunately, in Asian countries breeding standards are very low or not respected at all. Improper care of animals, and ignoring the standards reduces the cost of meat production, so dogs bred for this purpose live in appalling conditions.


The problem of keeping dogs in frightful conditions is not well discussed, but it doesn’t mean, that it does not exist. Everyday thousands of dogs vegetate in agony, waiting for an inevitable death, which will be their salvation from pain. From such a pseudo-breeding in South Korea, where more than 20 dogs were set, two dogs were saved and taken to the United States, where they received loving care.

Staff at the center, where the dogs were placed, put a lot of heart in the care of the animals.


The rescued dogs were called Robin and Kaya. Their biggest problem was not physical health, but a damaged psyche. Animals have never known the goodness of man, to say nothing of the fact that no one took the time to teach them how to coexist with humans and other dogs. Therefore dogs were taken to the ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, a place occupied with the rehabilitation of the psyche of dogs and correcting their wrong behavior.

Kaya was terrified by people surrounding her.