This dogs was about to be eaten as a delicacy in South Korean restaurants. Rescue came in the nick of time

Rescued from Korean hell, the dogs have had a lot of problems with acclimatization, and above all, with overcoming a fear of people. Robin and Kaya have known a lot of harm from humans, so the resort staff had to sacrifice a lot of time and attention to them. Their efforts were not in vain, because the dogs from day to day were becoming more and more open to the world and gained a better understanding of what is expected from them and what is happening around them.

Over time, the dogs even get into a mood to play.


Robbin’s rehabilitation went very well, and the pet has already found a new family who loved and adopted him. Kaya is also doing well, and any day now she should also find a loving home. The story of Robin and Kaya proves that dogs are animals that cooperate with people very well, despite a difficult past, and therefore they should not be eaten by humans.

Robin and Kaya got a second chance and they used it perfectly.