This dramatic image of a young girl aroused a lot of controversy on the internet

Facebook has changed the world and there’s no doubt about that. First of all, it has greatly influenced the way people communicate, and secondly, it has created a global community of about a billion people. This website is considered by many to be the center of today’s internet life.

Every day, tens of millions of new pictures and videos appear on the site, to which the Facebook community responds, not only in the comments. One picture can sometimes move thousands of people who e.g. search and identify people in “the real world,” who have committed a crime and bragged about it on the web. There’s no surprise that the photo and caption uploaded by Kimberly Ortiz caused a sensation on the site.


A young girl named Kimberly posted a picture to her profile, in which she has a black eye. The black eye is clearly visible and surely wasn’t the result of an accident, but rather from a blow with considerable force. It was clear to everyone that the woman is a victim of violence. Their assumptions were confirmed by the caption, though what it said definitely wasn’t what everyone had hoped for…

A black eye looks terrible.


Kimberly declared in the photo’s caption that her tormentor is also her love and that she loves him more than life and gave his name: Brayan Martinez. This information shocked internet users who can’t understand why a victim would do such a thing? Why publicly announce that she loves her abusive partner? Many people openly criticized Kimberly for her words and attitude, concluding that the situation in which she is, is the result of her own free will.

For some, the reason why victims defend their abusers is incomprehensible.


The misunderstanding towards Kimberly’s attitude and a wave of criticism led some to think that the image may be part of an awareness campaign, the rest of which will be disclosed at a later date or that Kimberly Ortiz’s account isn’t real and that the published photo is a stupid joke. Facebook users began their own investigation, but this time they didn’t find anything significant.

Internet users have their own ways of finding other network users in the real world.

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