This exciting image moved almost the entire world… This grandson holds his sick grandmother on his lap. See the story behind it!

28 year-old Italian Giancarlo Murisciano published in the New Year’s Eve on his Facebook profile a very touching picture. He holds his 87-year-old grandmother Antonia who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. The photograph quickly went viral and has gained more than 4,600,000 likes since then!

Are you curious why? The description of the photo says:

This is my love. December 31 is not the best day of my life, although it is a part of it. It used to be you, Grandma, who held me on your lap… Today I do the same for you, without shame and without fear. I remind everyone that in life you have to fight. It’s easy to write that on Facebook or elsewhere, but in life… it’s not easy. These words must be always with us. This is my only wish for 2015! Everyone should be next to their loved ones, who give them comfort and protection, someone who brings happiness.


The grandmother Is in a very bad condition, but Giancarlo doesn’t give up and keeps fighting for her health. The woman rarely recognizes him, even though he’s always with her. He wants her to feel the presence of a loved one.

In an interview for Corriere della Sera he admitted that he grew up in his grandparents’ home and owes them a lot. So he couldn’t do otherwise…

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