This father doesn’t have legs and carries around heavy bags to feed his four children. His dedication is something to admire

Parents who love their children are willing to do anything and everything to ensure that their little angels have everything they need, including food, shelter and a good education. Many parents spend every penny they earn solely on their children. They want them to have everything they need, and for them to lead a happy life.

This is the only trait that brings all parents together, both poor and rich. They’re ready to make the greatest sacrifices for their children, even at the expense of their own health and happiness.


This father is the best example of just that. Although the man is disabled, he works hard by carrying huge bags on his shoulders. He keeps himself standing using a worn-out pair of crutches. He does it to feed his four children. The man was featured on the Facebook page “Music for Jesus” as a model of parental love and tremendous dedication.

Unfortunately, his name is unknown. It also isn’t known where the picture was taken. Internet users are trying as hard as they can to identify the man, since a lot of people want to support him, both spiritually and materially.


Parenting isn’t an easy task. We have to remember that both our mom and dad have sacrificed and done a lot for us. We should appreciate that every single day.