This girl didn’t give in to a whole wave of hate! Instead she showed that beauty has many forms!

When Julianna was born, she was diagnosed with a rare illness, which causes marks to show all over her body. Because of the disease Julianna is covered with dark and hairy marks. The girl’s case was classified as extreme and doctors didn’t give her many chances for a long life. But it soon showed that Julianna had a strong will to fight and her marks didn’t prevent her from achieving a success.

Because of her different look she was bullied throughout her childhood and had to put up with nicknames such as “Dalmatian”, “Cow” or “Giraffe”. Despite all of this Julianna would still have a positive approach to life and tried to ignore what people were saying.


I try to show everyone that it is possible to live normally with birthmarks such as mine. You don’t have to avoid people. I was born different, you were born different, everyone is unique in their own way. I have a happy life, many friends, my family which supports me. I’m involved in big projects, I’m just like any other person…